SAAS saves Infrastructure Cost

Auto Mailing and Alerts

Complete Traceability

PlastERP is brought to you by the team. The product has benefited from our experience and understanding of the requirements and challenges of plastic processors.

The ERP mimics the actual work flow in moulding process so as to ensure minimal disruption during implementation. PlastERP incorporates best manufacturing practices followed by leading plastic porcessors. The ERP covers manufacturing, quality, maintenance, planning and commercial aspects of plastics moulding business.

PlastERP includes Masters, Bill Of Materials, Rights Control, Sales Processing & Invoicing, Export Invoicing, Material Requirements Planning, Tools to assist in Machine Planning, Purchase Requisition to Order Processing, Material Inward, Online Inspection, Material Requisitions and Issue, Production and QA, Consumption, Secondary Production Processes, Wastage and Grinding Management, Traceability, Customer Rejection and Corrective Action (CAPA), Labour Job (Toll Manufacturing), FIFO implementation, Inventory Tracking and Valuation, Accounting and Finance, Daily Summary & MIS Reports and Alerts. We also offer HR and Payroll modules.

PlastERP is a custom designed ERP solution for Injection Molding, Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding, Compression Molding, Injection Stretch Blow Molding along with Secondary Operations.

The software can be deployed on cloud resulting in substantial saving in infrastructure cost. The ERP can be used across multiple companies and manufacturing units.

Plast ERP has many built in facilities that ease and reduce data feeding time and provide meaningful reports for monitoring and efficiency. Duplicate data entry is eliminated and relevant information is made available on each form to aid decision making. Locks and Validations help reduce data entry errors. Form design is based on actual user feedback for simplicity and to match good manufacturing practices. Exhaustive search and filtration has been made available.

  • Multi Company, multi factory and depots
  • Cloud deployment saves infrastructure cost
  • Controls through Masters Definitions help prevent incorrect data posting, faster data entry and restrict data access at factory and individual level
  • Multi Level Bill of Material
  • BOM handle grinding, alternative polymer grades and process
  • FIFO
  • Traceability
  • Waste and Grinding Management
  • Transactions Approval and Audit System customizable to client need
  • User defined Tax templates eliminate need of software update with changes in Tax structure
  • Inventory Control
  • Material Calculator & Planning
  • Tools to assist Machine Scheduling
  • Preventive Maintenance and Tool History
  • CAPA Module
  • Auto Emailers, Alerts


  • Central facility to Monitor and Control Sales order Processing for all plants
  • Customer Order based Invoicing or discounts and rates auto applied from master based on customer
  • Auto import of sales order from online web portal+
  • Master Rate based auto approval of Sales Order possible to save time*
  • Rate Expiry System to prevent Billing at old rates
  • Export document+ and tax invoice printing
  • Finished Goods to Raw Material Traceability
  • Raw Material Costing
  • Sales registers, drill down reports and alerts
  • Auto Calculation of Charges such as Mould Usage (Amortization), Transit CLD, Fixed Transportation, Barrier tax etc., if applicable
  • OTIF performance reports generated in Real Time
  • Facility to link customer PO with the internal sales order for future referencing
  • Auto generation of subsidiary invoice for rate difference.
  • Rights based facility to generate over the counter sale invoice without prior PO
  • Auto mailing of sales invoice to customer
  • GST rates auto applied based on HSN and delivery location

MIS Reports and Alerts

  • Auto Emailers sent to individuals with relevant reports at end of day
  • Deviations highlighted in reports
  • Reports emailed in consolidated or details format based on job responsibility
  • Dashboards*
  • Summarised sales report by Polymer Grade consumed, by Client, by Product, by Plant
  • Profitability Report*
  • One Page Directors Report auto emailed with the Production Efficiency on every machine, Major Rejections, Major Breakdowns, Sales Summary and Purchase Summary of the previous day

Material Requisition and Issue

  • Auto material requisition based on Bill of Materials
  • Auto issue of alternate material in case of shortage of primary material
  • Auto issue of grinding if available
  • Save time in calculating and generating material requirement and issue slips
    • Lock of issue of raw material to a machine if earlier consumption of raw material is not registered
  • FIFO system for material issue


  • Requirement planning of the raw material based on the customer delivery schedules and internal production plan
  • Facility to generate requirement of an assembly item as a bought out item if not processing in-house
  • Minimum Stock Quantity of an item and pending purchase order schedules to be delivered by the suppliers taken into account
  • Generating Auto Purchase requisition in the system with the delivery schedules to save time in creating purchase requisition*


  • Purchase orders with multiple schedules
  • Alerts on price increase. View previous PO rates during order creation
  • Purchase costing with transport and taxes
  • PO approval based on value and rights
  • Email and SMS alerts to vendors*
  • Purchase registers, tax details and other reports and alerts
  • Calculation of discounts provided by polymer suppliers based on MOU*
  • Supplier performance report
  • Facility to attach vendor quotes for future referencing


  • Monitor wastage, productivity and efficiency
  • Records consumption and generation of grinding of rejection & blow pinch-off
  • Consolidated production screen for quick entry of production of multiple machines
  • Records consumption and provides inventory on each machine location
  • Machine production efficiency, operator productivity, machine breakdown, production quality reports and alerts
  • User defined production recording frequency
  • Production Processes cover Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Injection Blow Moulding, Injection Stretch Blow Moulding, Compression Moulding, and Roto Moulding
  • Secondary operations like wadding, flipping, pad printing, screen printing, UV screen printing, labelling, sleeving, assembling also covered
  • Auto Conversion of Items to assembly if supplied as a set for the purpose of billing
  • Handling of family moulds and multi process automated lines


  • Inventory available for each defined intermediate stage of product (semi finished inventory)
  • Inventory of wastage and grinding
  • Your Inventory at sub contractors plant
  • Customer inventory on your shop floor
  • Traceability
  • Inventory by batch and location and date
  • Inventory valuation report
  • Report on missing inventory
  • Inventory movement report (ledger)
  • Ageing stock reports
  • Reconcilation of Inventory
  • Track Inventory on each Machine

Quality Assurance

  • Online QA for purchase and production
  • AQL inspection and PDI reports
  • Corrective Action Preventive Action recording for customer and internal complaints provides history and knowledge database for training and error prevention*
  • Post Online Hold and Rejection of the goods


  • Issue of Stores and Spares items to specific machines to determine the maintenance cost of a machine
  • Machine breakdown analysis by hours and reason
  • Mould Usage History

Labour Job (Contract Manufacturing)

  • Statement of accounts of Labour order, raw material received, products delivered and raw material consumed
  • Excise Annexure II and VI generated
  • Auto punching of annexures if contract manufacturing done between group companies, thus saving time and maintaining inventory*

* On Custom Request        + Optional Extra